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B/B - Rural
"Farm-Hand 1" (OVERNITE WITH SAM) Well, the day finally came. My folks were goin' out of town. I
was going to get to stay overnite with Sam. He had a room in our big old
farmbouse that had an outside entrance so he could come no nude fashion lolitas and go as he
pleased. He was a very trustworthy young guy and my folks depended on him
a lot. He had nude lolita girl galleries
started working for them when he was just a kid in
elementary school. He came from a poor familly who couldn't afford to even
send him to high school. My dad was always big on education and he had
given help in varying degsrees to other boys annya and friends lolita who occasionally needed a
slight boost or some school supples. In fact, there was a black family who
had worked for us for many years. I guess you would call them
sharecsroppers. He sent both of their kids to high school and he even sent
the boy of the two to college. More about that later.
When Sam was going to stay with us my dad had put in a bath in his
big room and a larger closet. The house was fairly old but well built with
large rooms with nine foot ceilings. Sam's room had a double bed, desk,
bookcase and shelves for his stereo and tv, and a couple of chairs.
Actually, he had it pretty good. He got treated just like one of the
family. He ate with us, did his work, and went to school. He was on the
track and wrestling teams, depending upon which was in season.
I never had a brother and he was about four years older than me. I
had known him since he was a kid and used to come and do the odd jobs a 12
year old could do on weekends. He grew pretty fast and seemed very mature
to me, just an eight year old kid. I always looked forward to his coming
to work on a Saturday and more or less helped him with whatever he would be
doing, such as raking yard or helping my mother with the gardening. She
was always needing someone to dig holes or haul stuff from here to there in
a wheelbvarrow or with the garden tractor and cart. She didn't like
fooling with the tractor and of course, being a 12 year old boy, Sam loved
it. By then he was old enough to run the riding mower and cut the grass
in summer.
And also by then I was beginning to find out that my penis was
something to be used for than taking a piss. You know how farm boys are,
always ready to give each other a helping hand. The other little boys and
I at school had the benefit of the older boys experience who before us had
gotten their information from boys older than them when they were about our
We attended a country school, a one room, eight grade one with one
teacher. The big kids helped the little ones and it worked out quite well.
In fact for us little boys it worked out quite well, indeed! There were
some fairly dense woods near the school grounds and we would play there
during recess and noon. I learned a lot more there than how to identify
trees, flowers, and birds.
I was just in first grade when my cousin introduced me to the fact
that another boy's hand on your dick felt a lot better than your own. And
apparently vice versa, from the moans and encouragement you got when you
reciprocated. We used to stay overnite with each other and things just
went from that to better.
In case you think I've gotten completely sidetracked and forgotten
about Sam, I haven't. I just want you to know how things evolved as I, and
Sam, began growing up back there on the farm.
As I said earlier, Sam had been helping us off and on, since he was
about twelve. The summer he was 13 and getting ready to go into high
school he moved to our house full time. He was hardly more than another
mouth to feed since my parents accepted responsibility for him just as if
he was one of their own kids. They had to oufit him for school, and of
course they took an interest in his class program and what extra curricular
activities he was engaged in. He got on the wrestling and track teams. He
could get a ride home with a neighbor boy when after school practices were
over so that was no problem. I liked to watch the track meets as well as
the wrestling matches. I loved the sight of the boys - the 'thin clads' as
they called the track guys, with their lean bods and long legs - and those
beautiful skintight wrestling uniforms. They delineated all those
beautiful glutes and of course, about 90 per cnet of the wrestlers had a
nice package. I don't know how they kept from having a continuous hardon
all through a match! I usually did, just watching. `So, time passed. Sam was beginning to have a great bod. He was
doing a lot more farm work than helping with the lawn and gardens. He was
bucking hay bales, feeding the livestock, hefting sacks of feed and
fertilizer and beginning to drive the tractors pulling the various pieces
of farm equipment, the wagon during haying season, then later free pree lolita models plowing and
as time went on the planters and cultivators. We (I too) also had to help
take care of the livestock which were mainly hogs and cattle. We also had
some riding horses so we got to ride them occasionally. My dad had a registered whiteface bull and the farmers would bring
their cows to be bred. That was a real 'happening' for us little boys as
soon as they would let us be present. I don't to say 'watch,' though
obviously, that's what we did. That might sound perverted to a city bred
person but on the farm it was just a fact of life. The farmer would arrive
with his cow which would be in heat. Our bull could smell her before she
had been led down out of the trailer and he would be snorting and pawing
the ground. He was as horny as us little boys but HE was really going to
get to do 'IT." All we could hope for was to go up in the hayloft later
and pound our little puds to no other avail than that it felt good. I
never knew annya and friends lolita any boy who had one of those dry, body wracking orgasms that you
read about before he could really have a wet cum. And we'll talk about
THAT later too.
We had a chute that the cows were bred in. They would be led into
it and the bull would be led out to it too. He would be led to the rear of
the chute the cow was standing in, she in heat, and he horny and ready for
a good fuck as usual. His penis would already be unsheathed with about a
foot showing, pointed, pink and already dripping bull precum. He would
stick his nose in the cow's cunt, give a big sniff and then raise his head
and curl his lip, apparently running a quick chemical analysis of said cows
readiness to get pronged. Well, came the day when Sam got to lead the bull out. I was about
10 so I guess Sam was 14. One of my buddies was there that day free pic nude lolita too and we
were sitting on the barnlot fence, watching the entire proceeding, our
little dicks as hard as rocks and we were making all kinds of ribald
remarks and we could hardly wait for the 'big moment.' The cow was
standing there, a bit wild eyed and slobbering and the bull was obviously
ready. Sam was holding the bull's nose ring rope and my dad said, "Go
ahead, Sam." Sam slacked up on the rope and the bull stepped forward and
mounted the lolitas teen links toplist cow with his forelegs up and straddling the cows back over her
shoulders, his hot, slick, pointed bullcock ready to ram her cowcunt. With
no problem whatever, his bullcock found the hot, slick orfice nature had
ready for him and he rammed it in about two feet. Naturally, all that made
our immature boycocks twitch and flop around in our drawers. Right about
then my buddy and I both happened to look at Sam's crotch. Man! What a sight! Now keep in mind that the bull was humpin' away on
the cow, San was standin' right there where all the action was takin' place
and we were sittin' on the fence and about to fall off it, nearly overcome
by our juvenile passion. Sam had a boner and I mean a real boner! We had
no idea that he had anything like that. Now remember, he was about 14 by
then. He was aboaut 5' 7" and weighed about 135 pounds and was pretty hard
meated from all the farm work. He was a pretty fine looking piece of
boyhood and my buddy and I had both wondered on more than one occasion what
he looked like, stripped cp lolita search ebay naked and in our fantastic dreams, even what his
nice hardon looked like. What kind of a pubic bush did he have? He had
red gold hair on his head, and on his arm and some on his legs. Oh, we were
aware of Sam all right! So there we were, us little guys sittin' on the fence, about ready
to fall off, what with all that sex goin' all around us, Sam holdin' the
bulls rope and the bull prangin' that cow who stood there splay legged
apparently enjoyin' the whole proceeding more than anyone or anything.
Uless it was the bull, that is. We were lookin' at Sam and suddenly he
appeared to get red in the face and twitched a couple of times and a big
wet spot appeared on the front of his levis. We knew about cummin' even if
we couldn't do it hot young lolita models yet so we knew that Sam had just done that. About that time the bull had finished and slid down off the cow,
the farmer started to lead the cow away and there stood Sam, holding the
bull's lolitas rusian 12 years nose ring rope, the bull with about a foot of dripping semi-hard
bull cock hangin' out and Sam with wet jeans and a confused look on his
face. My dad who was ever cool and who had seen everything that had just
happened said, "Well boys...that was pretty exciting, wasn't it? Nothin'
nasty about any of this. This is just part of nature and one of the most
natural things to have happen especially on a farm. Here, Sam, give that
rope and I'll take car of old Domino here and you and the boys can have the
rest of the afternoon off. Go down to the creek or take the horses out or
whatever you want to do. See ya around 4:30 for chores before
We all thought that was great and went off to round up and saddle
our fave horses. Sam said he'd be along in a minute. I guess so. He
looked like he had enough glue in his shorts to stick him to his saddle for
the whole afternoon so he had to go blot some of it up. We got our horses saddled and headed off to the creek. We had a
great creek on our farm. The terrain it ran through was somewhat rocky and
the creek had a gravel bottom. Consequently, it ran clear. Our favorite
swimming hole was fairly deep where it had been scooped and carved out by
the action of the water pouring over some solid rock in the creek bed. It
was probably about 8 or 10 feet deep. We could dive in without having to
worry about hitting bottom and in fact, the water was so clear that we
could almost see the bottom. That part of the creek was located in a
pretty far corner of the farm away from everything so we didn't hve to
worry about swimming suits.
Sometimes, we'd ride the horses bareback from the pasture and when
we got to the creek we'd strip off our clothes and naked, ride the horses
into the creek. Talk about a hot, sensuous feeling - the wet, slick horse
between your naked legs with your cock and balls floppin' aroun on that
wet, slick horse hide. Well back to that day.
We dropped the horses reins; they wouldn't go anywhere. Ripped off
our clothes and "the last one in was a rotten egg." We all gave a run and
cannonballed into the deepest part of the swimmin' hole. I got a good look
at Sam when he threw off his clothes, and man had HE grown since I saw him
last. It looked like it was about 4 or 5 inches soft and he had a nice
nest of pubes. I had just as well tell ya that I knew I liked boys from my
earliest memory. I certainly was never abused or suffered any psychic
trauma to 'cause' this. It's just the way God made me and I can loli bbs dark cp live with
that. So, the sight of our Sam maturing like that was enough to trigger
another very hard hardon. We all three started rough housin' and
naturally, playin' grab ass or grab whatever you could. Sam noticed that
both of us other guys were all boned up. He laughed good naturedly and
said, "Hey, you guys - I thought cold asian lollipops 1 dvd water was supposed to prevent that."
And I said, "Man, there is somethin' hotter here than the water" and he
said, "What's that?" and both of us other guys yelled, "YOU!" And we all
laughed our asses off and Sam dunked us both. Well, when he did that we
both went for his dick. And SURPRISE! Guess who ELSE had a boner stiffie
hardon? Sam, of course. When we grabbed it we expected to get kicked in
the face or somewhere, we were under water, or worse, but there wasn't any
resistance so we thought this might turn out better than we had ever hoped. That was the first time either my bud or I had ever had our hands
on a 'mature' one and we couldn't believe our good fortune. Well, that
only lasted a few seconds and then we let go and floundered out onto the
bank. Sam swam over, waded out and there, stickin' out in front of him was
what we had been wondserin' about for so long. And long it was, or at
least it seemed long to us. It was probably about 6 inches or so and nice
and thick. We were speechless, loli bbs dark cp standin' there with our eyes bugged out
and our mouths open, and sam said, "What's th' matter? Aint'cha ever seen
a hard dick before?" And we both said, "NOPE! Not a grownup one." And Sam
said, "Hell, mine ain't grownup. I"m dis't 14 years old!" and he rushed
us. Well, we all fell back into the creek and grabassed some more and we
got some nice feels.
There was a nice sandy gravel bar at the edge of the pool that was
just about right to lie on so there we were; two kids and adolescent Sam
lyin' there spread eagled in the sun, water glistening on our healthy young
bodies. And us both really lookin' Sam over good. To us, the water drops
in his redgold pubes glistened like diamonds. His boner had gone down
somewhat and was lyin' flopped across his thigh.. It was uncut and just
about the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Was that a drop of
something clear just about to leak out the end? I tell ya, that was a
great day. By lolita nude 7 14 then, we, my buddy and I had lost some of our timidity about
Sam's wonderful cock. It was uncut with the usual vein running down the
top of the shaft but his parted about halfway down the shaft and went down
on either side. The head peeked out the end and it looked perfect. Well,
that was too much for us again and we both got hardons. Sam saw our
condition and it apparently stimulated him and his grew and grew and the
neaxt thing, there it was, aimed right up his belly, bouncin' with every
heartbeat. And I'm sure the fact that we were both so obviously interested
in that marvelous display that it made Sam's get even harder. Then we DID
see a thread of precum drip down onto his belly.It was a dumb question but I said, "Man, that thing looks ready to go off.
Can you shoot?" And Sam fre pics lolita bbs
said, "Well sure, can't you elwebbs net elwebbs lolitas guys?" and we both
said "NO but we're workin' on it" and that brought on more uproarious
laughter. So then we said, "Wanta show us? and Sam said, "Sure, why not." So, he sat up and leaned on one elbow, grabbed that gorgeous hunk a
meat with his fist and began slidin' the 'skin back and forth over his
dickhead. The precum was really oozin' out by then and he smeared it over
the glas of his cockhead for lube and each thrust made a suckin' ploppin'
sound. That turned us both on even more so there we were, rubbin' our
boycocks right along with him. He began to speed up and flopped back on
the gravel bar and said, "I'MCUMMIN'NNNNNNNNGGGGGHHH!" AND HE DID! He lay
there, his body twitchin,' he was makin' incomprehensible sounds and the
cum squirted all over his chest and stomach and he kept jackin' and
squeezin' that marvelous piece of meat even after it stopped shootin.' It
gave several more twitches and the cum dribbled to a stop. Man! Were we
dumbfounded! That was the first time we had seen anybody cum. And Sam
just lay there with cum all over his fist, still graspin' that still-hard
boycock and cum runnin' down both sides of his chest and tum. And an
idiotic grin on his face and his eyes closed. We were speechless. For
about 10 seconds, that is. Then we started makin' all sorts of inane
comments. What could we say...we were overwhelmed.
We all got up, jumped back in the water and washed off, dried in
the sun, put our clothes on and rode back to the barn.
What? What about stayin' 'overnite' with Sam? Gotta do the chores
now so I guess we'll have to talk about that next time...if you're still
interested in hearin' about it, that is... If ya are....well, just e-mail:
unicornfgi.net and let me know. Gotta go...see ya....
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